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Uniquely FILO

Uniquely You

A natural, authentic, more youthful you.

FILO’s Science Based Holistic Approach

We pride ourselves on our holistic, science-based approach that comes from a belief in treating every client with personal care. Our practitioners have years of medical training and experience, using state-of-the-art skin aesthetic technologies and ahead-of-the-curve techniques. It’s our commitment to your safety and experience, as well as your results.

The Authentic Look

We all want to look good. Achieving that in a natural way that looks authentic and respects your unique features and aesthetic goals, is our goal for you. It’s what makes us different. Although you won’t look overly ‘done’, you’ll be noticeably looking fabulous!

What Clients Say

“I’m very comfortable with the age I am and I want to recognise myself when I look in the mirror. At Filo I get a natural, more youthful me!”

Which Treatment will give you the results you desire?

Start your FILO Glow journey with a free initial consultation and receive our professional recommendations for your skin concerns or beauty goals.

Filo Gets Results

The results of our Glow skin aesthetic treatments speak for themselves. Check out the potential improvements for yourself.

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