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The pursuit of youthful, rejuvenated skin has led to a surge in innovative skin aesthetic treatments in recent years. Non-surgical facelifts are now the hot topic and it’s not surprising. Promising to turn back the clock without the need for invasive procedures, these treatments sound like the perfect solution. But the question remains: do non-surgical facelifts actually work?

Which Non-Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatments Are for You?

The underlying principle is to stimulate collagen production, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. For sure, they provide a volumizing effect, particularly in regions like the cheeks, lips, neck and the delicate under-eye area. At FILO, however, we opt for skin boosters and hydration to provide a more natural, authentic and less exaggerated look than many of the more widely known non-surgical treatments like BOTOX and Derma Fillers. Our clients prefer the resulting natural youthful glow over those that ‘freeze’ your features or reduce muscle movement.

Will Non-Surgical Facelifts Last?

The longevity of results is a common concern. While non-surgical treatments are temporary and require maintenance sessions, advanced technology has extended their effects. FILO’s clients are enjoying the benefits for several months to over a year. We recommend an annual return visit to maintain the benefits. The treatment is pain free with little or no downtime, to be enjoyed in our relaxing, calm med spa. We promise, you’ll look forward to your annual visit.

Technologies and Techniques Matter

The key to successful non-surgical anti-aging therapies lies in personalized treatment plans, the use of the most advanced skin aesthetic technology and medically trained and experienced practitioners. Filo Aesthetics will begin with a thorough consultation to understand your goals and recommend the most suitable options. Our experienced practitioners will consider factors such as skin type, age, and desired outcome to tailor an anti-ageing plan that works best for you.

Enjoy a More Youthful You

Ditching the scars and downtime of conventional facelifts, our non-surgical anti-ageing treatments offer a compelling alternative. Embracing cutting-edge technologies, we provide rejuvenation with minimal risk and recovery.  Resulting in a more youthful, refreshed you, that nonetheless still looks like you.

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