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Your Well-Being Is At the Centre of Our Purpose & Skin Clinic

Save With Signature Aesthetics Packages At Our Skin Clinic in Dublin

Our clients deserve only the best. It’s why we’ve brought world class skin aesthetic machines and equipment normally only seen in the leading med spas in Los Angeles, London, or Dubai to Ireland.

Using these state-of-the-art skin aesthetic technologies and medically trained practitioners, we work closely with you to create a treatment package unique to you. Our goal is your goal. To achieve your desired results – a natural, fresher, more youthful you.

Enjoy the surrounds of our beautiful, relaxing spa where you’ll always find a friendly face and a kind word. Taking the first steps towards addressing your concerns can be daunting. No matter how you feel when you arrive, you can be sure you’ll leave smiling.

Step 1: Diagnosis

Why not start your FILO Glow journey with a free initial consultation?

A careful assessment of your unique skin concerns is a must. Our professional team are committed to coming up with the perfect skin aesthetics plan to ensure you reach your beauty goals.

Step 2: Skin Rejuvenating Plan

Your skin goes through a lot. Long hours, not enough rest and the passage of time all take their toll.

It’s why we’re so big on creating skin rejuvenating solutions that are tailor made especially for your skin. Our professional staff has the skills and experience to devise a plan that’ll have you looking and feeling your confident best.

Step 3: Treatment and Follow-up

With a plan in place, our expert practitioners will get you started on your treatments. But it’s not just about the treatments – it’s about you. You’ll get our expert care in a beautiful spa setting. You’ll enjoy the experience as much as you’ll love the results.

Save with our signature aesthetics packages

Achieving your beauty goals may take more than a single treatment. Sign up and save with our special treatment packages and memberships, designed to help you spread the costs.

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FILO Gets Results

Rosacea Client

Rosacea is a common chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes redness and bumps most often on the cheeks, nose and forehead.

Symptoms are dramatically reduced with FILO’s signature laser skin treatments and Glow facials.



What Clients Say

“Such lovely people, fantastic pain free laser & the most amazing 90 min facial I’ve ever had.”

Naturally You

Achieve a youthful look that’s authentic and naturally you, yet noticeably fabulous!

Which Treatment Will Give you the results you desire?

Start your FILO Glow journey with a free initial consultation and receive our professional recommendations for your skin concerns or beauty goals.

FILO Gets Results

The results of our Glow skin aesthetic treatments speak for themselves. See the potential improvements for yourself.

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