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Slimming & Contouring

Contour, Tighten & Tone

Stimulate your natural collagen and elastin with our ground-breaking non-invasive body & face skin tightening techniques


Sofwave™ Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) technology is an innovative, non-invasive treatment designed to lift and tighten skin without the need for surgery and with minimal downtime. This award winning technology also improves  skin quality and smoothes wrinkles by stimulating the production of new collagen, deep within the dermal tissues – all with none of the scars or risks with surgery.

Ideally performed once a year for immediate long-lasting results. Experience the benefits of SUPERB™ technology today!

Sofwave Brow

Lifts eyebrows and improve skin quality under the eyes. Reduce crow’s feet lines, “elevens”, and improve forehead wrinkles. See immediate, long lasting results without the need for surgery.

Sofwave Neck

As we age, the delicate skin on our necks starts to lose elasticity and firmness.  Sofwave lifts crepey skin, reduces lines and wrinkles, and improves laxity on the neck. Designed to be performed just once a year, the treatment offers a quick and easy alternative to surgical procedures.

With Sofwave Neck, you’ll achieve smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin on your neck without the need for downtime or recovery. Try Sofwave Neck and see the difference for yourself!

Sofwave Submental

Targeting the lower half of the face Sofwave Submental lifts and smoothes out the lines and wrinkles that cause laugh lines and marionette lines. This treatment can also help to define the jawline and reduce the appearance of a double chin by stimulating collagen growth, resulting in a more lifted and youthful appearance.

Best of all, this treatment need only be repeated once a year for optimal results. Experience the benefits of a refreshed and rejuvenated look with Sofwave Submental.

Sofwave Full Face

Choose the Sofwave Full Face treatment for a more youthful and refreshed appearance. With just one treatment per year, you can reclaim your beautiful self and enjoy long-lasting results. Experience the power of SUPERB technology and book your Sofwave Full Face treatment today!

Sofwave Full Face & Neck

Go all out with the Sofwave Full Face & Neck and enjoy a more youthful and radiant look in just one treatment.

With just one recommended treatment per year, you can reclaim your beautiful self and enjoy immediate, long-lasting results. Experience the power of SUPERB technology and book your Sofwave Full Face & Neck treatment today!

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Achieving your beauty goals may take more than a single treatment. Sign up and save with our special treatment packages and memberships, designed to help you spread the costs.

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